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I’m an empowerment and mindset coach, and I am here to hold space for you to be your most authentic, vulnerable, and bad ass self. I’m here to remind you that you are not defined by your experiences, or by any diagnosis. I’m here to empower you. To help you step into your power and to show up exactly as you are - the full and worthy expression of yourself! I’m here to show you that you can live a FULL and HAPPY life, despite what you’ve been through. I’m here to help you transform your pain into passion and purpose. To help you break through the fear and the self-limiting beliefs that you have about yourself and your past. I’m here to show you my whole heart.

I believe in transparency, which is why I want to tell you my story.

I’m a lot of things (coach, yoga teacher, writer, reiki master, animal lover, photographer), but most importantly, I am a fellow human that is learning, growing and navigating life as best as I can, just like you. I started struggling with my mental health at a young age. I can look back now and see all the years I spent experiencing severe anxiety without the ability to articulate it. There were so many red flags that went unnoticed until things became unmanageable for me. At the age of 14, I started struggling with a severe eating disorder. I spent the better part of eight years stuck in the miserable cycle of binge-eating, purging, restricting, and over-exercising. Around the age of 15, I started struggling with severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and in a matter of two months, I was almost completely unable to function in my daily life. When most people think of OCD, hand washing and an extremely organized person usually comes to mind. However, I experienced intrusive thoughts that were centered around really taboo subjects, and I spent many years being too afraid to tell anyone about the thoughts that were haunting me. I self-medicated daily as a way to numb myself to the nonstop thoughts that flooded my mind, and I struggled in complete silence for many years. I was terrified of having these thoughts, but I was even more terrified of what having about them meant about me as a person. During the summer of high school graduation, I experienced two sexual assaults within two weeks of each other, and I became completely housebound with agoraphobia for a year as a result of the trauma…which also set fire to my already severe case of OCD. It was the darkest time of my life and I felt extremely hopeless.


This is where my journey really began.

I went into treatment in the beginning of 2011 and did intensive therapy for about a year. After I reclaimed my life back, I decided to major in Psychology. All I wanted was to give back to the community that saved my life, so I started working in the mental health field before I finished my degree. I worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, inpatient, residential and detox centers as well as outpatient psychiatric offices. After seven years of working in the mental health field, I pivoted my focus away from the clinical route and I started my own coaching business. In 2014, I completed my 500-hour yoga teacher training as well as my Reiki Master certification, which I often incorporate into sessions with clients. In addition to coaching, I also facilitate women's circles and I co-lead Mindfully Restored Retreats with Kerry Osborn, the Founder of The Obsessive Outsiders. Lastly, I co-host a podcast called Healing Hour with my dear friend, Jimmy Torrejon, the creator of This Is Grief.  When I’m not coaching or writing, you can usually (99.9% of the time!) find me at a National Park with my loved ones and my dog, Indiana Bones.

My mission is to empower you. I want to spark hope in your hearts, and I want to show you that it IS possible to overcome (what feels like) the impossible. I want to show you how to transform their your into your power. I want to show you how to find their voice and how to use it fiercely. I want to help you breakthrough the self-limiting beliefs and the UNTRUTHS you have about yourself. I want you to know that having diagnosis is not a life sentence. I want to continue to lead by example and to promote vulnerability as the medicine that we all need. We’re all in this together. 

Showing up exactly as I am,

Anna Liljenwall