Sound On! Episode: Nourish Your Minds

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Jimmy Torrejon invited me to record an episode for his podcast series called Sound On!  I was incredibly nervous as you may be able to tell from my shaky voice, but I am SO grateful to have been gifted the opportunity to share my mission with Nourish Your Minds and a big piece of my heart.  This was me stepping outside of my comfort zone and truthfully, I felt REALLY vulnerable despite knowing Jimmy for about 10 years now. There was much that I shared with him on this podcast that I had never shared publicly before and I'm so grateful for the feedback we've received so far.  Jesenya, his co-host, was so graceful and warm as I shared my story with her for the first time. In addition to  listening to this episode, I encourage you to go follow the podcast on Instagram @soundonpodcast as well as Jimmy's AMAZING and inspirational heart project called "This Is Grief." Jimmy opens up about his grieving process after losing his beautiful mother to cancer. The depth of emotion and vulnerability in his words will most likely give you goosebumps, as it does for me.  One (of many) things I honor and enjoy most about Jimmy is his willingness to open up the conversations that need to happen about the reality of what we go through as humans. The downright devastating. The transformational. The beautiful. The growth. The healing. The different layers of our own process. He's truly a gift to this world and I encourage you to follow him on his journey. 


Another reminder that we're all in this together.