Wow. It’s been quite a crazy month for me- both personally and professionally. I got back from a super long vacation, finished up a few different trainings I was involved in, finished lot of last minute preparations for Mindfully Restored Retreats, actually EXPERIENCED our first retreat (September 14-17th) which was beyond what we could have hoped for, started my virtual women’s circle last week with five amazing women and I still managed to keep up with school, family, my relationship and my self-care. It’s been pretty wild, but to be completely transparent with ya’ll, I took on more than I should have. I’ve had a blast and I’ve been really good at stepping away from my responsibilities to take care of myself. To meditate. To practice. To binge watch episodes of Quantico. Did anyone else join that party late? I just started watching it and I kind of can’t stop. I make sure to turn my phone off and go outside often. To work on my book. To drink water and make homemade meals. You get the point!

I expected to come home from the Mindfully Restored Retreat and write about the incredible experience, but I haven’t really been able to put it into words yet. I’m still processing. Still integrating. All I’ve really been able to say is that I’m grateful. Grateful for an amazing partnership with my soul sister Kerry Osborn, the Founder of The Obsessive Outsiders. Grateful for each person that showed up that weekend and trusted us to hold space for them. Grateful for community and vulnerability. For willingness and support. For the opportunity to create and to make my vision come to life.

Grateful. Grateful. Grateful.

I’m full of ideas and inspiration for new projects, but I’m in what I like to call my “hibernation mode” right now. I’m recharging and taking things really slow. I’m integrating all the different lessons I’m learning. I’m reflecting and prioritizing my own growth. I’m catching up with friends and family, but mostly with myself. So many aspects of my life are currently shifting.

I’m preparing to offer my whole heart to this vision of mine and I cannot freaking wait.

ps- thanks for holding space for me to share.