What my clients are saying…

I was so nervous to start working with a coach, but working with Anna has been some of the most transformative work I’ve ever done. She has such a soft way of holding space for you, while also firmly holding you accountable. I’m so thankful for her and the work she does!
— Sarah B.
Working with Anna has been such a blessing. She has a gift for offering her support in a caring, objective and honest way. She provides guidance without judgement, a safe and caring space where you feel validated. I have started to feel that I can finally have the life I choose. I have seen such a difference in my mood and spirit since working with her.
— Jessy Y.
Anna is a true gem I have learned from in so many ways. Since our paths crossed, Anna has opened my eyes to another perspective of healing and recovery. No matter what I bring her to guide me on, it seems as though she’s been through it all. The best part about working with Anna for me personally, has been that she believed I had all the answers I was searching for within me, and we have continuously dug deep to help me break down those walls. I now approach those walls with a different perspective - I honor where I am at the base of each wall and before I start to breakthrough, I recognize where I stand versus where my fears and anxiety stand. This separation has been key for me. I believe Anna is someone who will be in my life forever because she has been there for some of my hardest breakthroughs.
— Kerry O.
Anna has a very rare, safe and healing presence. She listens to you but also has the intuition to know when to let you start taking the wheel. She’s hits that hard-to-strike balance between guiding you but not being afraid to let you learn on your own. Through her listening, humor, vulnerability (and truth bombs) she has a way of making it obvious that she believes in you —and this is contagious. It translates into a feeling of empowerment to take a chance, go for it, make your own mistakes and come out a better person.
— Vanessa L.